Artist/Author Bios

Meet the artists and authors whose work populate The Hub of the Hubb.  Every artist and every author brings with them a unique talent, a unique history and a unique personality.  Meet them and find out for yourselves what I love about each and every one of them……

Abby snake (2).jpg

Meet my youngest artist…..10 year old Abby Rose.  Abby makes beautiful marble acorns that you can buy by the organza bag.  Abby is an energetic elementary school student with a love for all people, all things artsy, and as you can see in her photo, all things reptilian.  Abby always greets me with a hug and a smile, and I am sure Abby’s acorns will make you smile.  You’ll want a bowl full of them on your table, counter or dresser year round.


The Cyprus Cabinet was founded at the start of 2016 by daughter-mother duo Madison and Adrienne McKenna. They work out of their home studio in Hopkinton, MA creating each piece by hand – slowly and intentionally. Their objective is to unite and harness the metaphysical properties of copper, crystals, and minerals to help manifest self healing in those who their creations adorn. Members of a 5th generation artisan copper roofing family, they have had a long lasting appreciation for the metal and use recycled copper whenever possible! Holistic healing is very important to them and they have also released a line of essential oil roll on blends designed to balance and nurture each chakra.